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Amaras is a Collection designed and constructed by Ariana Nazarian. The motifs that appear throughout my collection are callbacks to these influences: hand-done crochet patterns and traditional wood carvings are executed in color combinations commonly found in an Armenian daraz, or costume. Amaras evolved through the layering of seemingly opposing techniques: delicate hand beading and crochet work passed down to me from my grandmothers combined with bold stenciling. The result is an eveningwear group that embodies strength, tradition and perseverance.

Amaras 1
Amaras 2
Amaras 3
Amaras 4
Amaras 5
Amaras 6
Amaras 7
Amaras 8
Amaras 9
Amaras 10
Amaras 11
Amaras 12
Amaras 13
Amaras 14
Amaras 15
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